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So what the hell is this neverstanced thing all about, anyway?

Our goal at nevestanced is to highlight automobiles via photographs and articles that are built with a sense of purpose. Like we said in the welcome post, you won't find stretched tires, demon camber, extreme fitment, or generally non-functional (and in some opinions, generally unsafe) modifications highlighted here. The goal is to feature both the vehicles we own and work on in our personal lives, as well as those belonging to like-minded individuals who drive their cars often and drive them hard.

You'll notice a lean towards Japanese automobiles as this is a result of the types of cars we own and the types of cars most of our friends own. That said, we're never going to say that these are the only cars worth highlighting or featuring. As a matter of fact, we have several features that need to be written up covering some classic European cars as well. Think engine-swapped English and German classics. Notice anything fun about the MGB below?

There's also a love for American iron here. One of the neverstanced crew grew up around hot rods and muscle cars and has been turning wrenches on them for decades in addition to absolutely stellar work on late-model Japanese and European cars.

We hope you enjoy what you see and read here. Keep an eye on the Instagram page for updates as our lives allow, and an eye right here as we try to bring you at least somewhat regular content showing you what we're all about.

We'd love to hear from you. Have a car you think should be featured here? Have words of encouragement (or otherwise)? Just want to say hello? Leave a reply below, or drop us a note at

As always, get out there and drive!


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